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An overview of the Solar Radiation tools

Release 9.3
Last modified September 7, 2011
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You can perform solar radiation analysis for a landscape or specific location using two methods:

For diagnostic purposes, you can use the Solar Radiation Graphics tool to create graphic representations of the visible sky (viewshed map), the sun's position in the sky across a period of time (sunmap), and the sectors of the sky that influence the amount of incoming solar radiation (skymap). Conceptually, these "maps" are used internally during analysis to calculate the total amount of solar radiation for a particular location or area.

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The following table lists the available solar radiation tools, provides a brief description of each, and identifies if the tool works in ArcToolbox, Map Algebra, or ArcObjects.

Tool Description ArcToolbox Map Algebra ArcObjects
Area Solar Radiation Computes insolation for an area. X

Points Solar Radiation Computes insolation at specific locations. X

Solar Radiation Graphics Creates raster representations of the hemispherical sunmap, skymap, and viewshed map used during analysis. X

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