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Overview of ArcGIS Server administration in ArcCatalog

Release 9.3
Last modified April 24, 2009
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Note: This topic was updated for 9.3.1.

You can think of ArcCatalog as a user interface to a GIS server. ArcCatalog lets you view and, if you're an administrator, manage the set of services running on the server. ArcCatalog provides two distinct views of your GIS server, one for administrators and one for those with consumer privileges.

When you make a user connection to a GIS server, ArcCatalog simply displays the list of services available to you. You can use these services—for example, display a map hosted on the server in ArcMap—but you can't manage them in any way—for example, delete them. When you connect to a GIS server as an administrator, you'll see some extra tools that allow you to manage the services as well.

ArcCatalog lets you administer the set of services running on your server and the set of machines that comprise the server. You can monitor how client applications consume individual services and whether there are enough resources to satisfy demand. At times, you may need to increase the amount of computer resources allocated to a particular service; other times you may need to add new computers to handle the load.

NOTE: The ArcGIS Desktop Help contains step-by-step instructions for any administrative task that you can perform in ArcCatalog. If you're looking for more detailed information about configuring, securing, monitoring, or developing with an ArcGIS Server system, you should consult the ArcGIS Server help, a separate help system installed with ArcGIS Server. You can view the ArcGIS Server help online at .

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