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Creating a map cache

Release 9.3
Last modified April 24, 2009
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About creating a map cache

Note: This topic was updated for 9.3.1.

A map cache is a collection of pre-rendered map tiles that can be used for display of a map service. Cached services display quickly because the map image does not have to be rendered on the fly; the cost of rendering the image is paid only once when the cache is created.
In order to create a map cache, you must first publish a map document as a map service. The simplest way to do this is to right-click the map document in the Catalog tree and click Publish to ArcGIS Server.
You must have an administrative connection to the server in order to create a map cache. Following are the simple steps for creating the cache. For extensive information on map caches and how to create them, see the Map caches section of the ArcGIS Server Help system.

How to create a map cache

  1. In ArcCatalog, create an administrative connection to the server that contains the map service you want to cache. See Connecting to a GIS server if you need help with this.
  2. Make sure that the service is started
  3. Right-click the service and click Service Properties.
  4. Click the Caching tab.
  5. Choose to draw the map service "Using tiles from its cache".
  6. Add scales and set other tiling scheme properties, or click "Load tiling scheme from" to use an existing tiling scheme, including tiling schemes from online mapping services ArcGIS Online, Google Maps™, and Microsoft Virtual Earth.
  7. When you've finished setting the tiling scheme, click Create Tiles. The Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool opens with many of the appropriate parameters already entered.
  8. Set the Update mode to Recreate All Tiles, adjust any other parameters in the tool as desired, then click OK.

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