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Toolboxes in ArcCatalog

Release 9.3
Last modified February 2, 2009
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In addition to the ArcToolbox window, toolboxes can also be viewed and managed in ArcCatalog. A top-level entry for toolboxes can be added to the ArcCatalog tree to show the system toolboxes as well as the My Toolboxes folder. You can also show any custom toolbox in any workspace.

The Toolboxes entry in the ArcCatalog tree

Toolboxes can be shown as a top-level entry in the ArcCatalog tree. To show this entry, click on Options beneath the Tools menu in ArcCatalog, then click the General tab.

Tools>Options menu command

In the list of top-level entries, check Toolboxes, as shown below. Click OK to return to ArcCatalog.

Show toolbox option in the catalog

The ArcCatalog tree should now show a Toolboxes entry, as illustrated below.

Toobox entry in ArcCatalog

There are two entries beneath Toolboxes, one labeled My Toolboxes and another labeled System Toolboxes.
Learn more about the My Toolboxes folder.

Custom toolboxes

Custom toolboxes are toolboxes you create. They can reside in any folder or geodatabase. To show custom toolboxes, click Options on the Tools menu in ArcCatalog, then click the General tab. In the list of types of data, check ArcToolbox Files. Click OK to return to ArcCatalog.

Showing toolbox data type

You can view custom toolboxes in any folder or geodatabase, as shown below. Of course, you have to create a toolbox first.
Learn more about creating custom toolboxes.

A custom toolbox in a system folder

Deleting toolboxes in ArcCatalog

In ArcToolbox window basics, you learned how the ArcToolbox window contains shortcuts to toolboxes on disk, and that when you remove a toolbox from ArcToolbox, you are just removing the shortcut and the actual toolbox remains on disk.
ArcCatalog is where you permanently remove the toolbox from disk. See Basic toolbox management for more information.

Toolbox metadata

You can view a toolbox's metadata by clicking on a toolbox in the ArcCatalog tree, then clicking the Metadata tab, as shown below. System toolboxes have full metadata.
Learn more about documenting tools, toolsets, and toolboxes.

Toolbox metadata

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