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An overview of batch processing

Release 9.3
Last modified December 10, 2008
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The term "batch" doesn't have a formal definition, but it generally means to gather a set of commands or jobs and then execute the set without your intervention. For geoprocessing, batch means to execute a single tool multiple times with different inputs without your intervention.
One classic scenario for batching is using the Clip tool to clip multiple input datasets to a predetermined study area polygon. Suppose you had 20 datasets to clip. Obviously, you could open the Clip tool dialog 20 times, fill out the parameters, and execute. By the time you're done, a half-hour may have passed. By using the batch option, you can spend just a few minutes filling out a simple form (the batch grid) specifying the 20 input datasets, then have Clip automatically execute 20 times, freeing you to do other work.
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