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An overview of ModelBuilder

Release 9.3
Last modified January 26, 2009
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ModelBuilder is an application in which you create, edit, and manage models. If you haven't done so already, you should read Creating a simple model, for it shows you, by example, the basic tasks of creating a model in ModelBuilder. You should also read An overview of model concepts and terms and the topics referenced there, since they define many of the terms used here.

The components of the ModelBuilder application are shown below.

The ModelBuilder window

There are five pull-down menus on the Main menu.

Menu Description
Model Options for running, validating, viewing messages, saving, printing, importing, exporting, and closing the model. You can also use this menu to delete intermediate data and set properties for the model.
Edit Cut, copy, paste, delete, and select model elements.
View Contains an Auto Layout option that applies the settings specified in the Diagram Properties dialog box to your model. It also contains options for zooming in or out.
Window Contains an overview window you can use to display the entire model while you zoom in on a certain part of the model in the display window.
Help Access the ArcGIS Desktop online Help system and the About ModelBuilder box.

The toolbar has the following buttons and tools:

ModelBuilder toolbar

Read a synopsis of this toolbar.

You cannot customize this toolbar.

The topics that follow discuss the use of ModelBuilder and the mechanics of creating, editing, and managing models.

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