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A layer package (.lpk) includes both the layer properties and the dataset referenced by the layer. With a layer package, you can save and share everything about the layer—its symbolization, popup behavior, labeling, and the data. Other users will be able to add layer packages directly into their maps without having to know how to access the database or classify the data. Layer packages can be shared with ArcMap, ArcGlobe, ArcGIS Explorer and ArcScene users. With ArcGIS Explorer you can create layer packages to share with ArcMap users.

Steps for sharing map content as ArcGIS Layer Packages (.lpk)
  1. Right Click on map content in the content window and click Share.... Alternately, you can also click the Share button in the Organize group on the ribbon's Tools tab.
  2. or

  3. On the sharing dialog click Layer Package.

  4. Choose how to share the layer package; as a file, e-mail or upload it to your ArcGIS online account.