Application Server Elements

The ArcIMS Application Server elements are a group of elements used to communicate with the ArcIMS Application Server rather than the ArcIMS Spatial Server. For convenience, these elements have been included in the ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide. However, these elements are not part of the ArcXML structure and are independent of ArcXML.

There are three categories of elements:
  1. An application server REQUEST. The elements in this category are GETCLIENTSERVICES, GET_SERVICE_METADATA, and PUT_SERVICE_METADATA.
  2. An application server RESPONSE. Elements in this category include SERVICE, SERVICES, and CLEANUP. ENVIRONMENT, UIFONT, and LOCALE are also included in responses but are also used in map and viewer configuration files.
  3. An application server administration element. Elements in this category are used to administer ArcIMS services, Spatial Servers, and Virtual Servers. Elements include ADMINCMD, SERVICE, SERVICES, PSERVER, PSERVERS, VSERVER, and VSERVERS.