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<GET_GEOCODEAttribute Description Table
     maxcandidates="integer" [20]
     minscore="0 - 100" [60]
     spellingsensitivity="1 - 100" [80]

     (r)<ADDRESS... />
     (r)<LAYER... />

(r): Attribute or child element is required.


Sends a request containing address information to the Geocode Server.



Attribute Descriptions for GET_GEOCODE

maxcandidatesMaximum number of returned candidates.
minscoreMinimum score of returned candidates. If not included, all candidates with scores above 60 are returned. A candidate with a score of 100 means a perfect match, and 0 means no match.
spellingsensitivityControls how much variation the geocoding service allows when it searches for likely candidates in the reference data. A low value for spelling sensitivity allows "Mane", "Maine", and "Man" to be treated as match candidates for "Main". A higher value restricts candidates to exact matches. If you are sure that your addresses are spelled correctly, you can set a higher spelling sensitivity. However, if you think that your addresses may contain spelling errors, then you should use a lower setting. Processing takes longer with a lower setting since scores for more candidates must be computed. A value of "0" is equivalent to the default, which is "80".

In a request, the spelling sensitivity value cannot be lower than any value set in GCSTYLE in a map configuration file. If no value is set, a value of "80" is assumed. If the requested value is lower than the service value, the requested value is set to the service value.
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Examples for GET_GEOCODE

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
    <GET_GEOCODE maxcandidates="25"  minscore="60">
      <LAYER id="streets" />
        <GCTAG id="STREET" value="380 New York St" />
        <GCTAG id="Zone" value="92373" />
        <GCTAG id="CrossStreet" value="" />

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