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<METADATA_DATASETAttribute Description Table
     (r)children="true | false"
     (r)folder="true | false"
     (r)private="true | false"
     (r)siblings="true | false"
     content="liveData | downloadableData | offlineData | staticMapImage | document | application | geographicService | clearinghouse | mapFiles | geographicActivities | unknown"
     index_status="indexed | not indexed | indexing error"
     servicetype="metadata | image | feature | wms"

     <ENVELOPE... />

(r): Attribute or child element is required.


Describes a metadata document in the metadata repository.


Attribute Descriptions for METADATA_DATASET

childrenSet to "true" if the dataset has children.
contentMetadata document content type.
docidString used to uniquely identify a document. The client used to publish the metadata is responsible for creating the document ID. This ID is automatically assigned when using ArcCatalog. If another client is used, GET_UUID can be used to request a valid ID. The format for an ID is the following:
where H is a hexadecimal digit (0-9,a-f,A-F). The ID is limited to 38 characters.
folderSet to "true" if the document represents a folder.
gndURL of a GND file on the server pointing to an ArcIMS service referenced by the metadata document.
index_statusThis attribute has been deprecated since it no longer provides information about a document's status with respect to indexing. Any documents published in ArcIMS 9.0 or higher always have a NULL value in the database, which is reported as index_status="not indexed".
nameName that identifies the dataset corresponding to the document.
onlinkA string identifying the location of the dataset corresponding to the document.
ownerName identifying the owner of the metadata document.
privateSet to "false" if the document is viewable by all users. Set to "true" if viewable only by the owner.
refcountNumber of times the document is referenced in the hierarchy.
serverFor documents describing GIS resources with the content type "Live Data and Maps", the URL for accessing the WMS service or the ArcIMS server containing data or metadata associated with the document, for example,
serviceFor documents describing ArcIMS Image, ArcMap Image, or Feature Services, the name of the service. For documents describing feature classes in a Feature service, the value also includes the name of the feature class and the type of geometry it contains.
servicetypeFor documents describing ArcIMS Image, ArcMap Image, or Feature Services, the general type of service: "image" for Image or ArcMap Image services, and "feature" for Feature Services.
siblingsSet to "true" if the dataset has siblings.
thumbnailURL of the thumbnail image.
updatedLast date the metadata record was updated. Format is YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.
urlURL of the XML document being retrieved.
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Example 1: Includes the "custom attribute" called approved
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8" ?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
    <METADATA numresults="1" startresult="0" total="1">
      <METADATA_DATASET name="metadata" owner="author" docid="{CD4AEFEF-896E-45EC-9A7E-EEBA823370C5}" content="unknown" url="" children="true" siblings="false" private="false" folder="true" index_status="indexed" refcount="1" updated="2002-02-11 14:51:14" approved="Y">
        <ENVELOPE minx="-141.001235918609" miny="41.3912889520516" maxx="-71.2933350698463" maxy="68.6637039277661" />

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