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<METADATA_RELATIONSHIPAttribute Description Table
     (r)type="child | sibling | descendant"

     No Child Elements
(r): Attribute or child element is required.


Describes a relationship between a source metadata document and a child, sibling, or descendant metadata document that exists in the metadata repository.


Attribute Descriptions for METADATA_RELATIONSHIP

fromdocidString used to uniquely identify the parent document. The client used to publish the metadata is responsible for creating the document ID. This ID is automatically assigned when using ArcCatalog. If another client is used, GET_UUID can be used to request a valid ID. The format for an ID is the following:
where H is a hexadecimal digit (0-9,a-f,A-F). The ID is limited to 38 characters.
todocidString used to uniquely identify the child, sibling, or descendant document. The characteristics of the string are the same as for fromdocid.
typeThe type of relationship that exists between the documents:
  • "child": A parent-child relationship. The document todocid is a child of the parent document fromdocid. The parent Metadata Service or folder directly contains the child document.
  • "sibling": A sibling relationship. The document todocid is a sibling of the parent document fromdocid. When looking at the Details page in Metadata Explorer for the parent document, a link to the sibling document appears under the heading "Related Documents".
  • "descendant": An ancestor-descendant relationship. The document todocid is a descendant of the document fromdocid. The Metadata Service or folder fromdocid is the parent or ancestor of the folder that contains the document todocid.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8" ?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
      <METADATA_RELATIONSHIP fromdocid="{6F33BA75-BBA0-4AE2-98D1-43233D8D3187}" todocid="{E5050E25-7026-4861-A507-A8F334B704FF}" type="child" />
      <METADATA_RELATIONSHIP fromdocid="{12D367C6-DC74-484D-96FC-B7B1F4CFF290}" todocid="{90DE76FF-6467-4C0C-99FD-BAD39EE58343}" type="sibling" />
      <METADATA_RELATIONSHIP fromdocid="{6F33BA75-BBA0-4AE2-98D1-43233D8D3187}" todocid="{90DE76FF-6467-4C0C-99FD-BAD39EE58343}" type="descendant" />

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