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<NORTHARROWAttribute Description Table

     When using ArcMap Server:
     (r)type="1 - 8"
     angle="0.0 - 360.0" [0]
     size="integer" [30]

     When using Image Server:
     (r)type="1 - 8"
     angle="0.0 - 360.0" [0]
     antialiasing="true | false" [false]
     outline="0,0,0 - 255,255,255"
     overlap="true | false" [true]
     shadow="0,0,0 - 255,255,255"
     size="integer" [30]
     transparency="0.0 - 1.0" [1.0]

     No Child Elements
(r): Attribute or child element is required.


Places a north arrow on the acetate layer of the map.



Attribute Descriptions for NORTHARROW

angleAngle of the north arrow in degrees. 0 degrees points to the north, and values increase moving clockwise.
antialiasingUsed to make edges of labels and symbols smoother. When set to "true", antialiasing is active. Note that the time to generate a map may significantly increase when antialiasing is turned on.
coordsNorth arrow placement location. Coordinate pair is separated by white space by default. The separator can be changed by using SEPARATORS. If using pixel coordinates, "0 0" is in the lower left corner of the map viewer area.
outlineOutline color using RGB values.
overlapDetermines if labels can overlap this symbol. When "true", labels can overlap. When "false", labels will not overlap the symbol. If labels are not drawing as expected, check if overlap is set to "false" for this symbol or any other symbol in the ArcIMS service.
shadowShadow color using RGB values.
sizeArrow size in pixels.
transparencyValue to set percentage of transparency. 1.0 is 0 percent transparent. 0.0 is 100 percent transparent.
typeValue representing north arrow type.
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Examples for NORTHARROW

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
      <ENVELOPE minx="-180" miny="-90" maxx="180" maxy="90" />
      <IMAGESIZE width="643" height="502" />
    <LAYER type="acetate" name="acetate" id="acetate">
      <OBJECT units="pixel">
        <NORTHARROW type="4" size="15" coords="20 30" shadow="32,32,32" angle="0" antialiasing="true" overlap="false"/>

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