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<RASTER_OTHERAttribute Description Table
     color="0,0,0 - 255,255,255" [0,0,0]
     label="string" ["Out of Range"]
     transparency="0.0 - 1.0" [1.0]

     No Child Elements


Defines description and color for all pixel values not covered by RASTER_EXACT and RASTER_RANGE.



Attribute Descriptions for RASTER_OTHER

colorColor using RGB values. Defines the color for all index values not previously defined.
labelDescription to be shown on legend. Valid with HTML Viewers only.
transparencyValue to set percentage of transparency. 1.0 is 0 percent transparent. 0.0 is 100 percent transparent.
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Examples for RASTER_OTHER

Example 1: When in a map configuration file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
      <LOCALE country="US" language="en" variant="" />
      <UIFONT color="0,0,0" name="Arial" size="12" style="regular" />
        <ENVELOPE minx="-90" miny="-180" maxx="90" maxy="180" name="Initial_Extent" />
        <MAPUNITS units="decimal_degrees" />
        <FILTERCOORDSYS id="4326" />
        <FEATURECOORDSYS id="4326"/>
        <SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0"  server="myserver" instance="port:5151" database="" user="sdeuser" encrypted="true" password="LXEMUR" />
      <LAYER type="image" name="Land Use" visible="true" id="0">
        <DATASET name="SDEUSER.BIT8_COLORMAP.RASTER" workspace="sde_ws-0" />
          <RASTER_EXACT value="0" color="10,200,10" transparency="0.5"  label="Clouds"/>
          <RASTER_RANGE lower="1" upper="101" color="200,40,10" transparency="0.5"  equality="lower" label="Urban"/>
          <RASTER_RANGE transparency="1.0" lower="101" upper="255" color="255,255,10" equality="lower" label="Rural"/>
          <RASTER_OTHER transparency="0.0" label="Other"/>

Example 2: When in a SERVICEINFO response.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
        <LOCALE language="en" country="US" />
        <UIFONT name="Arial" color="0,0,0" size="12" style="regular" />
        <SEPARATORS cs=" " ts=";"/>
        <CAPABILITIES forbidden="" disabledtypes=""/>
        <SCREEN dpi="96"/>
        <IMAGELIMIT pixelcount="1048576" />
        <FEATURECOORDSYS id="26717" />
        <FILTERCOORDSYS id="26717" />
        <ENVELOPE minx="192757" miny="3768666" maxx="197877" maxy="3773786" name="Initial_Extent" />
        <MAPUNITS units="meters" />
        <IMAGEGENERALIZATION mode="1" />
      <LAYERINFO type="image" name="Atlanta" visible="true" id="0">
          <RASTER_RANGE lower="17" upper="50" color="255,0,0" transparency="0.3" label="17 to 50" equality="all" />
          <RASTER_RANGE lower="50" upper="100" color="0,255,0" transparency="0.3" label="50 to 100" equality="lower" />
          <RASTER_EXACT value="161" color="225,0,255" transparency="0.5" label="161" />
          <RASTER_OTHER color="0,0,0" transparency="0.3" label="Out of range" />

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