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<SHAPEWORKSPACEAttribute Description Table
     geoindexdir="string" [same as directory with shapefile]
     shared="true | false" [false]
     useattrindex="true | false" [false]

     No Child Elements
(r): Attribute or child element is required.


Defines a shapefile data source directory.


Attribute Descriptions for SHAPEWORKSPACE

codepageDefines the codepage if it is not defined in the DBF header. The value is the name of the ICU transcoder. Examples include cp1252 and UTF8. The value used in codepage is valid only if the LDID byte in the DBF header is "0". If the LDID byte is not "0", then the value used in codepage is ignored, and the value used in the LDID byte is used instead.
directoryDirectory containing shapefiles. UNC pathnames can be used (\\myComputer\shapefiledirectory).
geoindexdirDirectory where geocoding index is built.
nameWorkspace name. Must be unique among all data sources.
sharedWhen set to "true", the ArcIMS Spatial Server checks if a shapefile has been modified outside of ArcIMS. While a shapefile is being edited, ArcIMS sends a message to the ArcIMS Spatial Server log files notifying them that an update is in progress. When set to "false", the ArcIMS Spatial Server does not check whether a shapefile has been updated. Access to the shapefile is faster, but the integrity of the shapefile is at risk if it is modified. It is recommended to use "true" unless safeguards are in place to assure that the shapefile is not edited. Note: In general, access to shapefiles is much faster if the shapefiles reside on the same machine as the ArcIMS Spatial Server. If the shapefiles are on a separate machine, access is faster when set to "false", but the integrity of the shapefile is at risk.
useattrindexWhen set to "true", useattrindex is used to generate attribute index (*.AAX) files for shapefiles. An attribute index is created for each field in the shapefile, and the index files are written to the same directory as the shapefile. The ArcIMS user must have write permission on this directory. If write permissions are incorrect, a warning message is written to the Spatial Server log files that an attribute index could not be created for those layers.

When shared and useattrindex are both "true", any updates to the shapefile are reflected in image and query requests without needing to refresh the service. The attribute index files are also updated on the first request after edits are made to a shapefile.
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Example 1: When in CONFIG and REQUEST.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
      <LOCALE country="US" language="en" variant="" />
      <UIFONT color="0,0,0" name="Arial" size="12" style="regular" />
      <SCREEN dpi="96" />
        <ENVELOPE minx="-178.21" miny="18.92" maxx="-66.96" maxy="71.41" name="Initial_Extent" />
        <MAPUNITS units="decimal_degrees" />
        <FILTERCOORDSYS id="4326" />
        <FEATURECOORDSYS id="4326"/>
        <SHAPEWORKSPACE name="shp_ws-0" directory="<path to USA ESRIDATA>"/>
      <LAYER type="featureclass" name="CITIES" visible="true" id="2">
      <DATASET name="CITIES" type="point" workspace="shp_ws-0" />
        <SIMPLEMARKERSYMBOL type="square" width="5" />

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