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<TEXTSYMBOLAttribute Description Table
     antialiasing="true | false" [false]
     blockout="0,0,0 - 255,255,255"
     font="Any system font" [Arial]
     fontcolor="0,0,0 - 255,255,255" [0,0,0]
     fontsize="1 - NNN" [12]
     fontstyle="regular | bold | italic | underline | outline | bolditalic" [regular]
     glowing="0,0,0 - 255,255,255"
     interval="0 - NNN" [0]
     outline="0,0,0 - 255,255,255"
     printmode="titlecaps | allupper | alllower | none" [none]
     shadow="0,0,0 - 255,255,255"
     transparency="0.0 - 1.0" [1.0]

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Symbol used to label point, line, and polygon layers.



Attribute Descriptions for TEXTSYMBOL

antialiasingUsed to make edges of labels and symbols smoother. When set to "true", antialiasing is active. Note that the time to generate a map may significantly increase when antialiasing is turned on.
blockoutProvides a background behind text. Select color using RGB values.
fontFont name. The name is case sensitive. If font name uses "&", use "&amp;" instead. For example, ESRI Transportation & Civic should be written as ESRI Transportation &amp; Civic. For Feature Services, the font must reside on the client machine or else the system default font is used.
fontcolorFont color using RGB values.
fontsizeFont size.
fontstyleFont style.
glowingGlow color around text using RGB values.
intervalDistance in pixels from point 0.
outlineOutline color using RGB values.
printmodeDetermines how labels are printed. If "none" is used, no change is made to the label: Welcome to ArcIMS. If "alllower" is used, all letters are lowercase: welcome to arcims. If "allupper" is used, all letters are uppercase: WELCOME TO ARCIMS. If "titlecaps" is used, the first letter of each word in a label is uppercase and everything else is lowercase: Welcome To Arcims.
shadowShadow color using RGB values.
transparencyValue to set percentage of transparency. 1.0 is 0 percent transparent. 0.0 is 100 percent transparent.
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Examples for TEXTSYMBOL

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
      <LOCALE country="US" language="en" variant="" />
      <UIFONT color="0,0,0" name="Arial" size="12" style="regular" />
      <SCREEN dpi="96" />
        <ENVELOPE minx="-180" miny="-90" maxx="180" maxy="90" name="Initial_Extent" />
        <MAPUNITS units="decimal_degrees" />
        <FILTERCOORDSYS id="4326" />
        <FEATURECOORDSYS id="4326"/>
         <SHAPEWORKSPACE name="shp_ws-0" directory="<path to WORLD ESRIDATA>"/>
      <LAYER type="featureclass" name="CNTRY94" visible="true" id="0">
        <DATASET name="CNTRY94" type="polygon" workspace="shp_ws-0" />
            <TEXTSYMBOL transparency="0.8" printmode="titlecaps" antialiasing="true" font="Courier New" fontstyle="bolditalic" fontsize="12" glowing="255,0,255" shadow="255,200,0" fontcolor="0,255,100" blockout="124,124,124" interval="3" />
            <SIMPLEPOLYGONSYMBOL filltransparency="1.0" filltype="solid" fillcolor="227,27,27" boundarytype="solid" boundarywidth="1" boundarycolor="0,0,0" />

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