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Running a geoprocessing model


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The model is colored in, meaning it is in a ready-to-run state, as all necessary parameter values have been supplied in each tool’s dialog box.

To run the model, click Model, then Run.

When the model runs, the tool of the process that is currently executing is highlighted in red. When each process has executed, a dropshadow appears behind the tool and its derived data element, indicating that the process has run and the derived data has been created on disk.

To add the results to the ArcMap display, right-click the output data elements and click Add To Display. If you do this before running the model the results will be added to the display when the model runs.

When you close the model you'll be asked whether or not to save your changes. The model has now been run, so its state has changed. Click yes to save your changes.

Examine the final result (vegtype_clip) in the ArcMap display. The color used to symbolize an output feature class is randomly generated, so the color used in symbolizing your feature class might be different. All vegetation types near proposed roads have been identified.

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