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Selecting features by attribute values


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You’ll now select areas from the model's output where the vegetation type is San Diego coastal sage scrub to see how much of this particular vegetation type would be impacted by the proposed roads.

Click Selection on the Main menu and click Select By Attributes.

Click the Layer dropdown arrow and click vegtype_clip. Double-click the field "HOLLAND95" to add it to the expression box. Click = to add the equals operator to the expression box. Click Get Unique Values then double-click the unique value ‘32500’ to add it to the expression box. HOLLAND95 is a code for vegetation type. The value 32500 corresponds to San Diego coastal sage scrub. Click Verify to check the syntax of the expression. Click Apply to select the features. Click Close to close the Select by Attributes dialog box.

Examine the selection in the ArcMap display. All areas near proposed roads where the vegetation is San Diego coastal sage scrub are identified.

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