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Validating a topology

Validating a topology

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Once you have created a topology and loaded data, at any time you can run a validation against the feature class contents of the topology. Validate performs the following processing tasks:

During editing in ArcMap, you can validate the whole topology, the visible extent of your map, or a selected area. You can also validate the whole topology in ArcCatalog and in geoprocessing.

Validation and dirty areas

Once a new topology has been validated, subsequent edits are noted with dirty areas that identify subsets of your feature dataset that require revalidation. This saves time and improves performance because only the areas that need to be revalidated can be processed.

See the "Dirty areas and validation" section of Topology in ArcGIS for more information.

Also, see Creating a topology in a versioned geodatabase for information on working with versioned geodatabases.

Validating topology in ArcCatalog

You can validate a topology in ArcCatalog by selecting the topology in the tree view panel, right-clicking it, and clicking Validate on the context menu:

In ArcCatalog, right-click on the topology to validate it.

This will validate the whole topology if it is new or, in most other situations, just the dirty areas in which updates have been made.

Validating topology in ArcMap

You can validate your topology in ArcMap during editing.

  1. First, start editing.
  2. Add the topology toolbar by clicking Toolbars on the View menu and clicking the Topology toolbar.
  3. Three Validate options are always available as part of topology editing.

Select one of three validate tool options during editing in ArcMap.

Validating topology using geoprocessing

ArcToolbox contains a series of geoprocessing tools for topology. The Topology toolset is located in the Data Management toolbox:

Geoprocessing tools for topology in the Topology toolset for Data Management

The Validate Topology tool can be used to validate a topology as part of an automated workflow. Scripts can be useful for automating a series of tasks and for building repeatable workflows.

Tips on topology validation