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You can create a map in ArcMap, and serve the resulting map document as an ArcMap Image Service. ArcMap allows you access to more data sources and symbology. For the most part, whatever you can display in ArcMap can also be displayed in the service. Some capabilities available in ArcMap are limited or unsupported when using ArcMap Server. In many cases, if you try to publish a map document containing unsupported functionality, ArcIMS ignores the unsupported functionality and publishes the map document without it. In some cases, however, you may not be able to start a service.

Functionality that is unsupported:

Authoring capability Comments
ArcGIS extension (Spatial Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, etc) functionality When you save your map document, be sure no extensions are selected.
Standalone tables Feature is dropped when document is delivered as an ArcMap Image Service.
Charts Feature is dropped.
Relationships Feature is dropped.
Embedded objects Feature is dropped when document is delivered as an ArcMap Image Service.
OLE objects To use OLE objects in a map do either of the following:
  • If you have ArcMap's Publisher extension, create the map (*.mxd), publish it as a published map file (*.pmf), and serve the *.pmf.
  • If you do not have ArcMap's Publisher extension, remove the OLE objects from your map, save the objects as graphic files (such as bmp or jpeg), copy and paste these files onto the map, and then serve.
Relative paths Path names should be stored as full path names instead of relative path names. On Windows you can also use UNC paths. For more information on path names, see Resolving path names.

The following table lists limitations:

Authoring capability Limitation
Embedding ArcIMS services If the map document uses ArcIMS services that require a user name and password, those documents cannot be started as an ArcMap Image Service. Instead of embedding a service within a service, consider using the Web ADF to combine multiple services at the application level.
Rotated data frames Identify, Select, Zoom in, and Zoom out functions do not work correctly when rotated data frames are used.
Layout view Cannot be viewed using the standard ArcIMS clients. However, the ArcXML element, GET_LAYOUT can be incorporated into custom HTML clients to allow users to request a printable version of a map.
Multiple data frames Only the active data frame can be viewed using the standard ArcIMS clients. Other data frames can be accessed using custom ArcXML requests. Also, separate services can be created after changing the active data frame in the map document.
Limitations when using .pmf files You cannot serve via ArcIMS .pmf files if there is a timeout set for the .pmf file, if the .pmf file is password protected, if the .pmf is restricted to data view or layout view, or any combination of those conditions.
Required setting changes for .pmf files You cannot serve via ArcIMS .pmf files that were saved in ArcGIS Publisher with the Open in ArcReader only checkbox checked. By default, ArcGIS Publisher saves .pmf files with this setting checked, which prevents you from serving them via ArcIMS.
  1. In ArcMap, click Settings in the Publisher toolbar.
  2. Click the Application tab.
  3. Uncheck Open in ArcReader only.
  4. Check Unrestricted access to contents of Published Map.
  5. Click OK.
Field visibility Field visibility set in the map is not honored.
Setting selection symbol Selection symbols set at the layer level are honored. However, they are not honored if set at the map level.
Hyperlinks Hyperlinks are honored only when the entire URL is included. For example, you can use http://myserver/website/color.gif.

Limitations specific to Solaris and Linux:

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