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Clean up small areas of a raster for batch vectorization


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The ArcScan extension is only active in an edit session. The Start Editing command enables you to begin an edit session.

When performing batch vectorization, it is sometimes necessary to edit the raster image prior to generating features. This process is referred to as raster cleanup and involves the removal of unwanted cells from the raster image that are not in the scope of the vectorization. ArcScan provides the tools to perform raster cleanup.

The Erase tool, located on the Raster Painting toolbar, lets you click on the raster to erase stray pixels.

In addition to the Erase tool, the Raster Painting toolbar has another tool designed to erase cells. This tool is called the Magic Erase tool, and it allows you to erase a series of connected cells by simply clicking and dragging a box around them.

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