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Editing Geodatabases Tutorial Index

The tutorial has been divided into sections. Click one of the links below to see part of the tutorial.

Segment Description
1 Preview a geodatabase and view its components
2 Geodatabases support relationships among their parts
3 Add toolbars and prepare to edit geodatabase features
4 Select features and edit records in a related table
5 Change feature subtypes and edit with a coded value domain
6 Validate topology and inspect topology properties
7 Finding topology errors with the Error Inspector and editing a feature to correct an error
8 Preparing to edit topology by labeling features, setting snapping, and changing a topology symbol
9 Creating topology nodes for snapping, by splitting topology edges
10 Moving a shared edge with a split-move to disconnect it from shared nodes
11 Selecting and moving a geometric network junction feature
12 Creating a new geometric network edge feature
13 Editing a geometric network edge feature as well as connected and related features
14 Creating a dimension feature using the aligned construction method

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