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Getting Started Tutorial Index

The tutorial has been divided into sections. Click one of the links below to see part of the tutorial.

Segment Description
1 Start ArcCatalog
2 Navigate to tutorial data in ArcCatalog
3 Explore and preview GIS data in ArcCatalog
4 View metadata in ArcCatalog
5 Make a folder connection
6 View a thumbnail, preview a map, and open Arcmap in Arcatalog
7 Open a map from the starting ArcMap dialog box
8 Use the ArcMap table of contents to turn layers on and off as well as show and hide their symbols
9 Zoom in to an area of the map
10 Use the Identify tool to get information about a feature
11 Use the Find dialog box to find a feature by name
12 Use a spatial bookmark to zoom to a predefined extent
13 Add a layer file and a feature class to a map
14 Represent line features with a graduated symbol
15 Turn on labels and draw a layer with a single symbol
16 Change to layout view and change the page orientation of the map from portrait to landscape
17 Change the size and position of a data frame on the page layout
18 Add a scale bar to a map
19 Add a North arrow to a map
20 Add a legend to a map
21 Add a title to a map and move several map elements at once
22 Print a map
23 Save a map

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