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Linear Referencing Tutorial Index

The tutorial has been divided into sections. Click one of the links below to see part of the tutorial.

Segment Description
1 Organize the linear referencing tutorial data in ArcCatalog
2 Create a temporary layer to select features
3 Build routes and specify fields to set the measure values
4 Calibrate routes
5 Add routes to a map, change their symbology, and specify the route identifier field
6 Add the Identify Route Locations tool to ArcMap and find the measured value of a location along a route
7 Find a location along a route and display route measure anomalies
8 Create point and line route events and select events by attribute
9 Display geoprocessing results after they are created, intersect event layers, and create an event layer with a geoprocessing tool
10 Add route data to a map, prepare to edit routes, and create a new route from selected features
11 Add a route identifier for a new route and convert the measure units for a route
12 Recalibrate a route feature

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