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Spatial Analyst Tutorial Index

The tutorial has been divided into sections. Click one of the links below to see a video segment.

Segment Description
1 Create a folder and geodatabase for project data
2 Add the Spatial Analyst project data to ArcMap
3 Load the Spatial Analyst Extension and add the toolbar to ArcMap
4 Create a hillshade layer
5 Change the symbology and transparency of a layer and view it with a hillshade layer
6 Highlight cells with a particular value on a map by selecting them
7 Use the identify tool to see the values of all layers at a location
8 Examine a histogram of a raster layer
9 Open the ArcToolbox window and save a map
10 Create a new toolbox to hold geoprocessing models for a project
11 Create, name, and save a model for a geoprocessing project
12 Edit a model for a geoprocessing project
13 Make environment settings for a model
14 Add a system toolbox to the ArcToolbox window
15 Build and run a process in a model
16 Add a process to an existing model and run the process
17 Add a process to reclassify the values in an output raster
18 Combine and weight derived rasters with the Weighted Overlay tool
19 Extract optimal sites with the Con tool
20 Remove single cells with the Majority Filter tool
21 Set model variables as parameters
22 Open the model dialog box to see it as a tool and open the Documentation Editor
23 Convert a raster to a polygon feature class
24 Use the selection tools in ArcMap to select polygons that intersect roads and are larger than a given size
25 Copy features from a layer to a new feature class
26 Create a new model and override some environment settings
27 Derive slope from elevation in a model
28 Reclassify slope data on a scale of 1 to 10
29 Combine slope classes and landuse classes with a weighted overlay
30 Use the cost distance tool to create cost distance and backlink rasters
31 Use the cost path tool to find the least cost path between to points
32 Convert the cost path raster to a polyline feature
33 Set model variables as parameters
34 Open the model as a tool and save the map

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