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The following image formats are available to use in ArcIMS. In addition to the formats listed below, all platforms support ArcSDE raster layers.

Short name Descriptive name Image file extensions World file extensions Can view in Author
ADRG ARC Digitized Raster Graphics *.img, *ovr, *.l   No
ASRP (see footnote 1) DIGEST ARC Standardized Raster Product *.img, *ovr, *.l   No
BIL Band Interleaved by Pixel *.bil *.blw No
BIP Band Interleaved by Line *.bip *.bpw No
BMP Windows Bitmap *.bmp *.bpw Yes
BSQ Band Sequential *.bsq *.bqw No
CADRG Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics *.* (no standard) *.* (no standard) No
CIB Controlled Image Base *.* (no standard)   No
ERDAS ERDAS® GIS or LAN *.gis, *.lan *.gsw, *.lnw No
GeoTIFF TIFF with Geo Header *.tif   Yes
GIF Graphics Interchange Format *.gif *.gfw Yes
GRID (see footnote 2) ArcGrid *.*(no standard)   No
IMPELL Impell Bitmap *.rlc *.rlw No
JFIF, JPG JPEG *.jpg *.jgw Yes
JPEG2000 (see footnote 2) JPEG *.jp2   No
MrSID (see footnote 4) Multiresolution Seamless Image Database *.sid *.sdw No
MrSID G3 (see footnote 4) Multiresolution Seamless Image Database Generation 3 *.sid *.sdw No
NITF National Imagery Transfer Format *.ntf *.nfw No
PNG Portable Network Graphics *.png *.pgw Yes
SUN SunRaster File *.sun, *.ras *.snw, *.rsw No
TIFF (see footnote 3) Tag Image File Format *.tif, *.tff *.tfw Yes
USRP (see footnote 1) DIGEST UTM/UPS Standardized Raster Product *.img, *.ovr   No


1Format is supported on Windows only.
2Format is supported on Windows and Sun® Solaris only.
3CITT4 compressed TIFFs are not supported. For ArcMap Image Services, TIFF's can be generated only with a GET_IMAGE request.
4Format is supported on Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris only.

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