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Geostatistical Analyst Tutorial Index

The tutorial has been divided into sections. Click one of the links below to see part of the tutorial.

Segment Description
1 Set up a map to use the Geostatistical Analyst tutorial
2 Create a surface using a kriging method
3 Explore the histogram of your data values
4 Explore the Normal QQ plot of your data values
5 Use the Trend Analysis tool to find trends in your data values
6 Examine the semivariogram cloud for evidence of autocorrelation and directional trends
7 Remove a trend before kriging
8 Adjust the lag size of the semivariogram model
9 Account for directional influences in your data
10 Examine predicted values and sample points at different locations
11 Examine the quality of the model's predictions and create the prediction map
12 Map the quality of the prediction surface
13 Compare the cross validation results for two kriging models
14 Use indicator kriging to map the probability that a given threshold value was exceeded
15 Display the prediction and probability surfaces together
16 Extrapolate values beyond the extent of the sample points
17 Clip the layers of the map to the extent of the state outline
18 Create a layout to show your results

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