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expand/collapse item About shapefile data

ESRI shapefiles store geographic features and their attribute data in a simple, non-topological vector format. Each shapefile stores features belonging to a single feature class of point, line, or polygon.

A shapefile is actually a set of three constituent files with the same name and different extensions - *.shp, *.shx, and *.dbf. The *.shp file stores the feature geometry. The *.shx file stores the index of the feature geometry. The *.dbf file is a dBASE file that stores the attributes of the features. A shapefile can also include files that store projection or additional indexing information.

expand/collapse item How to add shapefiles

expand/collapse item Adding shapefiles

Use Catalog to add shapefiles to your map.

  1. Click the Add Layers button Add Layers on the Author toolbar to open Catalog.
  2. Under Data Sources, double-click Local or Favorites, and navigate to the directory containing your data.
  3. Click the File Type dropdown arrow and click Shapefiles.

    The feature type - point, line, polygon - is listed beside the shapefile or image.

  4. Click a shapefile to include in your map. To select more than one shapefile, hold the Ctrl key down and click the names of additional shapefiles.
  5. Click Add Layers on the Catalog toolbar.
  6. Click Close.

Layers corresponding to the data you added appear in the legend of your map.

expand/collapse item Troubleshooting problems with shapefiles

A shapefile is not listed in Catalog

Shapefiles cannot be drawn in ArcIMS and are not listed in Catalog when

Newly added files to a directory are not listed in Catalog

Refresh Catalog by right-clicking on a folder and clicking Refresh.

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