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The tutorial has been divided into sections. Click one of the links below to see part of the tutorial.

Segment Description
1 Open a published map with ArcReader
2 Navigate a published map with ArcReader
3 Turn map layers on and off in ArcReader
4 Get information about a layer in ArcReader
5 Use a magnifier window to see more details in ArcReader
6 View the layout of a published map in ArcReader
7 View map tips in ArcReader
8 Use the identify tool to get more information about features in ArcReader
9 Find a location on the map with the Find tool in ArcReader
10 Follow a hyperlink from a feature in ArcReader
11 Measure distances and features in ArcReader
12 Interactively reveal layers with the swipe tool in ArcReader
13 Change printer settings and print a map in ArcReader
14 Open a 3D published map in ArcReader and find a place
15 Use the 3D navigation tools in ArcReader
16 Navigate the globe with the Orbital Fly panel tools in ArcReader
17 Navigate with the mouse and keyboard in Orbital Fly mode in ArcReader
18 Play an animation in a 3D published map document in ArcReader

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