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You may find that your work is greatly enhanced when you collaborate with others and share as well as receive the results of your work and that of your colleagues or a public source. Map Content Files (*.nmc), created when you use Export or E-Mail on the Tools tab or in an item's context menu, facilitate this sort of collaborative effort. You can add Map Content Files that are on your machine or local network to the current map. In addition, you can also add Map Content Files you received in e-mails or downloaded from websites after saving the files to disk.

A Map Content File may contain:

To add Map Content files to the map
On the Home tab, in the Map group, click Add Content and then click Map Content Files.... You'll see a dialog you can use to browse for Map Content Files (*.nmc). Click Open to add the file's data to the map.


If you can't access the local data that layers, links and image overlays in a Map Content File point to, you will not be able to see the map content and may receive an error. If you are creating a Map Content File, ensure that the recipient has access to the data.

Map Content Files will use relative paths and store authentication information in the same way that a Map File (.nmf) does, depending on the settings of the Map Properties Data Access page.